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First Weeks Together

Our first weeks together have been filled with sunny days, healthy meals shared with each other, creative play, learning about one another, many stories, and even some crafts.

We are getting to know the rhythms of the day, as well as each personality, and it appears that our group (which changes depending on the day of the week), is getting along.

The children have been saying goodbye to summer and welcoming in the change of seasons. It was pretty cute hearing them all trying to pronounce 'equinox'.

Here's a little about what we've been up to.

Our felt board has changed it's leaves for Autumn play.

Our Mobile will slowly collect our Autumn-inspired crafts over the season.

The children made their own ornaments for the Equinox. Our cornmeal salt dough, that smells of pumpkin-spice, was decorated with lentils and split-peas. Only one child attempted to eat theirs!

In the late morning, we move indoors for some story-time and lunch. Lately, we have had some visits from our furry friends. The magic of puppets brings chatter out of even the quietest child. Last week, the kids talked about the end of summer and the turn of seasons with a raccoon. This week, they will talk about what Owl likes about longer nights and shorter days.

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